Travel Plan Awards

Travel Plan Awards 2016

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough  Travel Plan Awards provide an opportunity for your business to gain recognition for the hard work your company has put into making your travel plans work.

This prestigious event also allows an opportunity for the business community to network and share good practice.

The awards will be presented jointly by the Cambridgeshire Travel for Work Partnership (TFW) and Peterborough City Council’s Travelchoice team.

Date and venue to be confirmed.


If you are an employer within Cambridgeshire and engaged in the travel planning process, you can apply for an award, either from the early stage of commitment, through to development, implementation and excellence for well established travel plans.

Application forms for Steps 1 – 2:

For Step 3 ‘Certificate of Implementation’ onwards you are requested to include a ‘Travel Plan Progress Report’

Application forms for Steps 3 – 7:


Most Successful Communications Award 2016

The award is open to all Travelchoice/TfC (Cambridgeshire) employers, whether or not they are applying for an award at the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Travel Plan Awards in 2016.  This award is presented to the organisation that can demonstrate having raised good awareness of a travel initiative and/or, their travel plan since January 2015.

Your organisation’s communication or campaign may have promoted a national event (Bike Week, CamShare/Liftshare week) or a workplace travel initiative such as homeworking, teleconferencing, car sharing, public transport etc.  It could also be for communications within an organisation promoting awareness of the staff travel plan through, for example, a launch event.

An application form is available to download here.

Information about how to apply is available here.

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