Is your school building a travel plan?


Travel plans are a great way to, reduce traffic at the school gate and handle costs and wider associated with parking at your site.

Integrating your travel plan into the culture of the school, creates an environment for pupils to boost their health and physical wellbeing, learn to apply road safety skills and begin to care for the environment.

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Outspoken win national transport award with Bikeability project

Outspoken Training won the Best Behaviour change award at the National Cycle Planning awards for their work in transforming how Peterborough families get to and from school.


The overall aim of the project was to help build a stronger cycling culture within five primary schools and to encourage children, parents and teachers to cycle more often. In just six weeks there was a 263% increase with more than 200 more children cycling to school each day across the five Peterborugh schools – Heritage Park, Oakdale, Norwood, Newborough and Castor.



Outspoken Training is a leading Bikeability training provider and runs programmes to get more people cycling by providing training, advice and fun activities.

bikeability3For more details contact:

Rob King, Outspoken Training

01223 719594

Bikeability is the Government’s national cycle training programme designed to give children and young people the skills and confidence to cycle on the road.

This programme was one of a handful of Bikeability Plus pilots in which the Department for Transport is trialling a range of different approaches to encouraging more children in schools where Bikeability is offered to cycle more often, more safely.

More detail of the programme can be found here:

Cycle Planning Awards:


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