Local Sustainable Transport Fund

Peterborough City Council has been successful in its bid for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) and will be receiving £5 million from now until 2015 to deliver sustainable transport options to the people of Peterborough.

The Government announced, as part of the Local Transport White Paper, the creation of LSTF to help build strong local economies and address the urgent challenges of climate change. It reflects the Government’s core objectives of supporting economic growth by improving the links that move goods and people, and meeting its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is to facilitate best practice in the delivery of a wide range of sustainable transport packages and presents local authorities with the opportunity to introduce a package of sustainable travel solutions that will support economic growth while reducing carbon.

Peterborough City Council completed and submitted its proposal to the Department for Transport on 18 April 2011. The bid includes sustainable transport improvements, both soft measures and infrastructure, and aims at increasingly integrating sustainable travel into our mainstream travel planning. The bid is grouped under four key packages:

  1. Working with individuals, communities and neighbourhoods
  2. Workplace travel planning
  3. Primary care and public health
  4. Young people’s travel

Each package contains a number of measures; for instance package 1 (working with individuals, communities and neighbourhoods) includes infrastructure and soft measures to integrate travel modes at the bus and rail station, improve accessibility into the city centre, a mini ‘park and ride’ facility and improved walking and cycling links in rural areas. Package 4 (young people’s travel) includes provision for a Bike-It Plus Officer and independent travel training amongst other initiatives.

A number of partnership bodies have pledged their support and their ‘letters of commitment/support’ which can be viewed here.

The Peterborough’s submission con be viewed in the LSTF Bid document .

As part of Peterborough’s commitment to sustainable travel, a bid was submitted on 31 March 2014 to the Department for Transport for additional revenue for the period 2015/16.

Peterborough’s submission for this bid can be viewed here.

Partnership bodies have pledged their support to this bid and their letters of commitment and support to the scheme can be viewed here. Additional documents relating to this round of funding can be found here and here.

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