Park & Stride

Park & StrideMany families live too far away from school to be able to walk and some parents have to drive on to work and so need to take the car. Even the most regular walkers sometimes might need to take the car, especially after school if you are going on to do something in a different place. The Park & Stride scheme is a simple solution to these problems and means that children at least walk some of the way to and from school.

How the Park & Stride scheme works

The school locates a site such as a pub or supermarket car park a good distance away (e.g. 5-10 minutes walk) and works with the land owner to secure approval for the site to be used as a Park & Stride site for the local school.

Parents are encouraged to park away from the school and walk the rest of the way.

The Ashdown family from SouthfieldsJuniorSchool designed the sign (right) to encourage families to park in the Glatton Drive Park & Stride site. Heather Dawson, teacher at Southfields Junior School said, ”The use of our Park & Stride facility at Glatton Drive aims to reduce the volume of traffic and parking problems at the school entrance. It also ensures that those families using the car park can enjoy a calm, safe and sociable walk into school.”


  • Cars are no longer concentrated in one mass outside the school gates, making it safer for all.
  • Children get exercise and arrive at school feeling fresh and alert.
  • The air around the school will be less polluted and quieter.

How can I promote the Park & Stride scheme?       

tc-hub-schtp-walkingTo encourage parents to Park & Stride you can promote the scheme in several ways. A letter to parents is a start but it often needs more work than that. Get the children enthusiastic about it so they encourage their parents to take part.

Here are some ideas:

  • A ‘role play’ assembly about Park & Stride (maybe as part of a general walk to school assembly)
  • A poster competition for all children or a slogan competition for older children.
  • Use class charts to record the number of children who Park & Stride (make sure those who walk all the way to school also get points!).
  • Award stickers to those who get involved and badges to those who take part regularly.
  • Offer car window stickers to parents who want to help promote the scheme and encourage safety around the school gates.
  • Contact Travelchoice – we can offer incentives for the children, our Travelchoice mascot ‘Carloss’ and a press release to get people even more interested and inspire other schools in your area.

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