bikeability_logoCycling is a fun and healthy way for children to travel, and it also gives them freedom and independence. Our instructors are enthusiastic cyclists qualified to National Standard and train year 6, 7 and 8 pupils across the city. The Travelchoice aim is to inspire people with a love of cycling and the confidence and skills to ride more often!

What is Bikeability?

Bikeability is a national cycling award scheme which incorporates the National Cycle Training Standard. There are three Bikeability levels which are taught progressively.

Level 1 is covered in a traffic free environment and teaches basic cycle skills and bike maintenance.

Level 2 moves on to quiet roads with real traffic conditions for children aged 10 and over. Before moving on to Level 2, trainers must be confident that trainees have successfully passed Level 1. Our Level 2 course consists of three x two and a half hour sessions. In these sessions, participants will cover skills, such as, passing a parked car, passing a side road, turning left into a major road and more!


Level 3 takes the trainee onto busy roads with advanced road features. Before starting this level, the trainer must assess the trainees’ ability to complete all maneuvers in Level 2. Level 3 is conducted with a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2, and is usually aimed at Adult Cycle Training.

Upon completion of the Bikeability course, children receive a certificate and badge for the level that they complete and a goody bag!

What maneuvers does Bikeability cover?

Level 1: Perform a clothing and bike check  Level 2: Start and finish an on-road journey
Mount and dismount Signal at the appropriate time
Start off and pedal Signal correctly to other road users
Stop the bike in control Use appropriate road positioning
Ride independently Pass parked cars
Steer in the direction you want Pass side roads
Use appropriate gears Turn left into a minor road
Emergency stop, with control Turn right into a minor road
Basic understanding of the Highway Code Turn left into a major road
Look behind, with control Turn right into a major road
Look behind, whilst signaling Use appropriate road positioning

If you’d like your school to receive Bikeability cycle training, contact Travelchoice to register your interest!

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