Putting Hampton on the (Google) map

This year (16/17) our project is focusing on working with Hampton residents to increase the number of residents travelling sustainably to work and for leisure.

We noticed something strange last month:

  • the key footpath from Hampton Hargate to Dobbies and Club Way was missing from Google maps last month
  • people were crossing the A1139 by foot (!) to get to Serpentine Green from Dobbies

So we contacted Google and notified them of the new routes so that they could be added to Google Maps directions and hopefully raise awareness of the safe walking routes into Hampton.

This got us thinking.

Hampton is a fantastic area for walking and cycling, but according to survey data, less than 30% residents of Hampton and the Ortons travel by a sustainable mode. We plan to tackle this by raising awareness of other travel options and motivating people to try cycling and walking on a more regular basis.

To this end, we will be carrying out the following initiatives:IMG_6320

  • Community events for the whole family
  • FREE Adult cycle training
  • Social bike rides for all abilities
  • Residential travel planning: face to face engagement with residents providing bespoke travel information
  • Local business engagement: lunchtime events at businesses, speaking to employees about how they travel and providing incentives to use sustainable modes
  • Business Grants for infrastructure related to sustainable travel – 50% match funding up to £3000

If you are a Hampton resident, get involved! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get updates about our upcoming events and initiatives.