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  • Text&Go

    Text And Go

    Text & Go is the latest and most convenient way of accessing travel information whilst on the move in Peterborough. Since July 2005 bus timetable information has been readily available via your mobile phone. Each bus stop in the city has been given its own unique 7 character stop code. By simply texting this code to the number given below you will receive an almost instant reply providing details of the next timetabled departures from that stop.

    Five easy steps to travel information on the move

    • Identify your bus-stop.
    • Enter the 7 character stop code into your mobile.
    • Send the text message to 84268.
    • Within a few seconds you will receive a reply giving you the next scheduled departures from that stop.
    • Each text message will display the time your original message was received, the name of the selected stop, the time of the next departures and the service numbers.

    How much does it cost?

    • Your normal text sending rates will apply.
    • There is a 25p charge for the return message.

    You can download a leaflet with all bus stop codes on from here. Or you can pick up a leaflet containing all Text&Go codes from the Travelchoice centre.

  • Real Time Passenger Information

    Real Time Passenger Information

    Real time passenger information displays show you when your next bus is due to arrive.

    The bus is fitted with a tracking device so the location of the bus is known. The bus communicates its location to the central system which calculates when the bus will arrive at the stop. This information is fed through to the display by a radio link and the information is displayed on the screen.

    The displayed information is shown either in real time (for example: 6 mins) or timetable time (for example 11:06). If the bus is fitted with the tracking technology, this predicted time will count down in minutes until it says ‘Due’. Scheduled time will be shown in 24 clock format.
    There are two types of display being used in Peterborough; flag displays or fitted inside the shelter. Both display the same information and will show service number, destination and arrival time.

  • Bus Shelter Requests and Reporting

    Bus shelter improvement programme

    We continually improve the bus stops within the city and rural areas.

    Typical bus stop improvements include:

    • bus shelters refurbished using anti-graffiti mesh panels
    • wooden bus shelters installed in the rural areas
    • upgrading bus stops to bus shelters
    • hard standings at bus stops
    • raised kerbs at new and existing sites
    • installation of seating
    • improved timetable information
    • bus borders at new and existing sites
    • installation of real time passenger information

    Contact details

    Contact us with your suggestions for improvements to bus shelters and bus stops or to report a damaged bus shelter:

  • Timetables


    The live timetable application is coming soon to the Travelchoice website, please stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, you can find the latest timetables by number and by destination in the Peterborough City Council bus timetables section clicking here.

    In addition, if you are a mobile user or you want to find when the next bus is coming to your bus station, you can find it entering a postcode, street & town or a stop name & town in the Traveline mobile friendly website clicking here.

  • Ticket Types

    Ticket Types

    Bus tickets

    Travelchoice (123)
    There are various ticket types, with costs depending on the operator. The single and return tickets are journey dependant but Stagecocach has two main types of tickets allowing unlimited travel to all the areas of the city: Dayrider (unlimited travel on any Stagecoach bus for one day) at a cost of £3.90 and Megarider (7 days unlimited travel) at a cost of £13.

    There are other tickets including unlimited travel within the entire Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire zones and for larger time (4 weeks) using the StagecoachSmart card. Using this cards, there is an option of automatic monthly renewal by credit/debit card payment of this type of Mengarider Xtra achieving some savings (£42.50 for unlimited travel per month on Peterborough).

    For more information about these tickets, StagecoachSmart card and online buying, please visit the ticketing page of Stagecoach here.

    Stagecoach bus tickets can be used on the Local Link buses but not vice versa. The costs of the local link services are variable depending on the travel distance.

    For the most up to date costs for your journey, visit the bus operator website or the Travelchoice Centre in the Queensgate bus station.


    PlusBus is the Britain’s integrated train and bus ticketing scheme, which makes easier and cheaper to travel by bus to and from the train station. When booking your rail ticket, just ask for Plus Bus. This gives you unlimited bus travel at the start (or if you are travelling to another PlusBus area the end) of your rail journey. For more information, please go to the PlusBus specific section clicking here.

    Bus passes and discounts

    Residents aged over sixty years or with certain disabilities can have a pass that allows free travel in England on buses. The concessionary bus pass application form will help you decide if you can have a pass. If you qualify, please complete the form and choose one of the three options listed.

    Stagecoach has a Unirider ticket service available for students which offer great discounts in the bus service. This service is not still available in Petebrorough but is working in other areas. For more information about this ticket please visit the Unirider section of Stagecoach clicking here.

  • How to use a bus
    We have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to catch a bus, you can find it here

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