New PECT Hyperlocal rainfall app! 🚶 🚴 👍

The Hyperlocal Rainfall app is now officially live after its launch at the Green Festival 2016. You can now download the app free from Google Play onto Android phones by either searching for ‘Hyperlocal Rainfall’ through the store on your phone or by clicking here.

What is it?

Hyperlocal Rainfall is the only app to provide accurate real time rainfall predictions personalised for the journeys and areas you create. The data is updated every 5 minutes and predicts where and how intense rainfall will be at 5 minute intervals for the coming hour.

How could it help me?

This is the first app to provide hyper-localised rainfall information whilst on the move, along your exact route or specific area. Create your journey and choose if you would like to walk, cycle, or drive and the rainfall predictions will appear along that route showing you what the conditions will be when you get to that point of your journey. Use the app to avoid rainfall by showing predictions if you change your journey start time.

The aim is to provide accurate and personalised information for users so they can make informed decisions and be more confident about choosing sustainable travel options
Please note this app is currently only available in the East of England.
The work for Hyperlocal Rainfall was accomplished by PECT and their project partners Meniscus, Loughborough University and Anglia Ruskin University. If you want to find out more, see the information poster here.