Chargepoints in Peterborough

evch Park and charge for free

The location of the charging points are:

  • City Road – O/S Eco Innovation Centre (PE1 1SA)
  • Park Road – O/S Beales Department Store (PE1 2TA)
  • Car Haven Car Park (PE1 1YY)
  • St. Peter’s Road – O/S Chauffer’s Cottage (PE1 1YX)
  • Bishop’s Road Car Park (PE1 1YX)

If you want to see them plotted on Peterborough’s map showing live availability of the charging points, please click here or download the Podpoint app

Upgraded charging points

These charging posts have recently been upgraded in the following ways:

  • Now no registration is required
  • The posts give an additional 3 miles of range compared to the old charging points

For more information about accessing these recharging points please visit:

The recharging posts have been installed by the council as part of the East of England Plugged in Places project run by EValu8-TI Ltd.

National network

The recharging points in Peterborough also form part of a wider network of recharging posts, with additional chargepoints installed at shops and businesses in the city. National charge point registry ( should provide details of other charge points in Peterborough.

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