Faxi parking spaces at Peterborough City Hospital

Peterborough City Hospital has approached Faxi to solve extensive car parking issues for its employees. Employers and employees alike mostly agree that where car parking is scarce, cars transporting multiple co-workers should receive priority.  It’s simple and it’s fair.  Faxi uses patent-applied-for technology in a smartphone app to ensure that this policy can be accurately enforced.

Funded by Peterborough Council, the hospital is using Faxi to apport parking in on-site and local car parks. The hospital will start by allocating 40 car parking spaces in the nearest car park to the main entrance, granted to employees who provide proof of ridesharing via the Faxi app. The spaces will be specifically Faxi-branded to ensure that they are only used by Faxi ridesharers, further promoting the opportunity for on-site parking to other employees, and a designated parking officer will be patrolling the car park to monitor the use of the Faxi priority parking spaces.

With an existing pool of around 60 employees who are already ridesharing to work, the hospital is actively promoting the opportunities around priority parking and cost-saving that Faxi ridesharing offers, and plans to roll the Faxi scheme out to its 5,000 hospital staff.

Once the 40 allocated car parking spaces are all taken by dedicated ridesharers, Peterborough City Hospital will be utilising additional car parks in the vicinity to enable the provision of further parking spaces, with the potential of creating an entire car park exclusively available to Faxi ridesharers.

The Travel Plan Coordinator at Peterborough City Hospital, said of the scheme:
“Peterborough and Stamford Hospital NHS Foundation trust are extremely excited to be working with such a forward thinking company. Our car share employees will have the benefit of priority car parking and it will free up spaces in our currently overcrowded car parks. We are looking for a long-term solution to car parking for patients, visitors and staff and Faxi are helping us achieve this.”

Website: www.faxi.co.uk

Picture by Davecrosby uk – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23485010