Residential Travel Plans

Travelchoice 2nd (620)A residential travel plan is a package of measures designed to reduce the number of car trips from residential developments through supporting sustainable modes of transport.

Residential travel plans offer a range of benefits to new developments, including improved accessibility and travel options for residents, reduced congestion in and around a new residential development as well as helping to create sustainable and vibrant communities that promote healthy lifestyles.

Key components of a residential travel plan

A residential travel plan will be tailored to a particular site with a range of measures which are specific to a particular residential development. This can include:

  • Infrastructure measures including, cycle parking, enhanced public transport service, a car club, upgraded bus stops, good pedestrian and cycle routes and real time passenger information.
  • Behaviour change measures including household travel information packs, incentives such as cycle vouchers, marketing and promotional events.
  • Telecommunication points to reduce the need to travel.
  • Household travel information packs plus incentives.residentialtrravelplan

When a residential travel plan will be required

  • A residential travel plan will be required for all developments over 80 dwellings. Please contact Planning Services in Peterborough City Council before submitting a planning application for a residential development to discuss what will be required.
  • Developments between 10 to 80 dwellings should submit a travel statement committing to implement a number of travel plan measures, including travel information packs as a minimum.

Residential Travel Plan Guidance

We are currently writing a guidance document for developers working on residential travel plans in Peterborough. This will be available from the Travelchocie team. Call 01733 747474 or email

Cycle design guidelines

Here are the documents about the design of a cycle parking and cycle infrastructure and in a residential area.

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