Business Travel Planning

travelplanbusinessWhat is a travel plan?

A travel plan is a long term strategy for managing access to an organisation or site and the travel demands of the people using it. It is specific to an area and is not simply a one off document but an ongoing process which will evolve over time.

Travel plans aim to reduce the reliance on single occupancy car use and seek to offer and encourage a range of alternative forms of travel, particularly walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.

In most cases a travel plan will need to be submitted alongside the Transport Assessment.

The travel plan should set out clear aims and objectives to help mitigate and reduce any predicted increase in vehicle journeys as a result of the proposed development.

When are travel plans required?
Transport Assesments and Travel Plans should be submitted alongside planning applications which are likely to result in traffic generation. All major developments will require a travel plan to be submitted with the transport assessment.

A travel plan is a tool to mitigate the increase in traffic likely as a result of the new development (regardless of what this development is). They should be live documents submitted by developers then implemented by the occupier to manage travel and promote sustainable and active forms of travel.

The Department for Transport’s Guidance on Transport Assessments (March 2007) proposes thresholds for travel plans and transport assessments.

Further more detailed guidance on submitting a travel plan for approval with a planning application is available from Travelchoice, email to discuss requirements for your application.

businessHow Travelchoice can help you?

  • We can provide organisations with match funding (50%) up to the value of £3000 towards the cost and installation of sustainable infrastructure measures in order to promote sustainability in our Business Grant Scheme .
  • Personalized Travel Planning (PTP) to you and all your employees for all the different sustainable Travel Modes from their homes to the workplace
  • Help with the funding when setting up a Pool Bike scheme at the workplace
  • We offer a guidance pack for Peterborough businesses. This contains a step by step guide for producing your travel plan as well. A free copy of the guidance pack without the supporting USB tool kit can be downloaded here. Email for any further information.

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