Sustainable Travel Demonstration Town

Baseline data was collected in 2004 through collecting and analysing travel behaviour diaries (4000) and carrying out in depth interviews (400). The same research technique was undertaken in 2008 to determine behaviour change over the four year period. The results showed a 14% increase in walking, 12% increase in cycling and 35% increase in public transport. At the same time, car use fell by 9%.

Over the same time (2004-2009), the Council recorded a 6% reduction in car journeys in the urban area, over 1,000 members joined, 400-plus people using a Travelchoice information centre daily and a 24% increase in bus patronage since 2004.

Peterborough’s Travelchoice programme has been so successful in helping people adopt healthier, greener travel options that the original five year programme has been continued so that Travelchoice is now embedded as an essential element of Peterborough City Council.

As Travelchoice started as a pilot project, a huge amount of data has been collected to enable both Peterborough City Council and the Department for Transport to analyse the results and calculate the outcomes. All three Sustainable Travel Towns (Peterborough, Darlington and Worcester) have been submitting data over the past couple of years to a panel of independent researchers who have produced the report below.

DfT summary document

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